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Central Pacific

The Central Pacific possesses the beaches closest to the capital city. Among the best known are Punta Leona, Playa Jacó, Herradura, the Manuel Antonio National Park and Playa Dominical. They enjoy the characteristics of a very hot and humid climate, with a season of brilliant sunshine from December through the end of April and warm waters all year long.

Hills covered with green forests compose the common landscape of the area. Some of the features which have made Manuel Antonio one of the places most preferred by the tourists are the white sand beaches, cliffs, rivers, rain forests, the large variety of animal life, and the hot climate.

The Manuel Antonio National Park is home of the white faced capuchin, mantled howler and red-backed squirrel monkeys, two and three toad sloths, among other mammals, as well as a number of species of birds. Punta Catedral (cathedral point), the bay of Puerto Escondido (hidden port), and the beautiful beaches with blue green waters represent some of the main attractions of this park.
The road from the central valley to this area winds through areas of very diverse scenery from cattle grazing and crocodiles in the Grande de Tárcoles River, to the plantations of oil palms in Parrita.

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