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Costa Rica is becoming Bilingual

We all know Costa Rica is a Spanish speaking country but more and more people are showing interest in learning and speaking English .As Costa Rica becomes more involved in international market and the tourism industry grows faster than anticipated the need for speaking English becomes more evident.

A plan is underway to make Costa Rica a bilingual country (Spanish and English) by the end of 2017..Officials believe that at this time about 12 to 15 % of the people are able to communicate in English and they want to see this number to increase to 75 % by 2017.
Department of education has hired more than 11,000 English teachers to start the task of teaching English in all levels of  schools.
Costa Rica Tourism grows three times the international rate

A recent report published by world tourism organization (WTO) shows Costa Rica enjoying a fast growth in tourist industry almost three times of the international rate.

The report mentions that Costa Rica has had a 2 digit growth in the number of the visitors in 2007 and 2008 where international average has been around 5% .
It seems like the world economic issues and even American economical crisis has not been able to damage Costa Rica’s tourist industry.

One reason could be that Costa Rica is offering relatively inexpensive vacation packages and real estate opportunities compared to many other popular tourist destinations.

Costa Rica is the new Medical tourism destination

Statistics released by the tourism industry authorities indicate that Costa Rica is fast becoming a magnet for those who are in search of high quality and inexpensive Medical procedures ranging from more serious Kidney and liver transplants to more elective Cosmetic surgeries and even dental implants .
Some studies suggest that many uninsured Americans chose Costa Rica to save thousands of dollars in the medical services they need. Costa Rica enjoys one of the highest quality Medical providers in Central America with many of the Doctors having completed their trainings in US and Canada
Caldera Highway construction has caused excitement In real estate market of Costa Rica

On June 30th 2008 after many years of delay due to budget and planning issues the construction of much anticipated Caldera Highway began.Upon completion Caldera Highway will cut the travel time from San Jose to the Pacific coast to less than 1 hour or half the time it would take a traveler today .The road is being built with the highest quality and standards and while maintaing the beautiful scenery it will offer a safe and easy trip to the magnificent beaches of the west coast Costa Rica.

Real estate analysts all agree that the construction of this Highway which is long overdue will have a strong and positive impact on the real estate market in west coast and the rest of the country. President Arias is overseeing the progress of this project personally to make sure there will be no more delays on its completion.
Caldera Highway will be about 75 Kilometers (48 miles ) long and is projected to be ready for use by March of 2010.

Costa Rica: the happiest nation in the world

CNN: Forget Disneyland ! an independent research group in Britain which ranks the nations of the world every year based on “most content people “and the environmental protection efforts has declared Costa Rica “the happiest nation in the world in 2009”
The group uses an index called “happy planet index” to determine the happiest place on earth. Their research results were published on Saturday July 3rd 2009 and reported by most international news including CNN.
The report concludes that Costa Rica has the highest life satisfaction in the world and the second highest average life expectancy (second to Canada)!!!
The group ranks 143 countries and the United States ranked 114th !!!
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