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Why Costa Rica?
Peace and Democracy, Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in Latin America with more than 100 years of political stability.

Costa Rica appeals to many for a variety of different reasons. Costa Rica’s economy has been constantly growing during the last 10 years, the country attracts important investments thanks to its efficient productivity in high technology, it is well-educated population, and the high quality technical education accessible in the country.
Business Opportunity

Property ownership in Costa Rica, in matters of land and property ownership foreigners and Costa Rica cittizens have equal rights under the law.


Pacific Breeze
Citing a soft real estate market and increased construction costs in the United States, the “Oceanview Estates Inc,” developers have come up with a brilliant and yet affordable solution for those who are seeking investment opportunities.

Located in Baja mar, an exclusive but not yet completely discovered area in the Puntarenas region, stands “Pacific Breeze”. With its unique microclimate, “Pacific Breeze” bennefits from a cooling and dehumidifying breeze.


www.costaricapacificbreeze.com • info@costaricapacificbreeze.com • 1-800-CRVIEW1 • 001-909-2860512